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V4.1 Advices and Recommendations

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Hello my fellow captains, in this guide we'll be talking about some v4.1 recommendations and advices. (This does not apply for Top players or whales)
Note that this is not 100% accurate, this is just some personal recommendations and advices, for questions or more information you can ask to Top players or Boomer captains through Honkai Impact 3rd's official discord.

Let's Start.

1. New S-rank Battlesuit: Raiden Mei - Herrscher of Thunder (HoT)
After A LONG TIME waiting, a new Mei has come to our bridge, not a support, not an errand/expedition tool, an actual strong (very strong) DPS under the name of a Herrscher. 

There are people talking about ''HoT is not that strong, she can't even pass her counter weather abyss'' or ''I don't like the new red-black color combination.'' 。。。。。。
August 8th, 95% of the server after HoT banner release:

To those captains who hasn't got enough crystals to full gear HoT and thinking of pulling HoT in future banners…DON'T! If you can pull, then pull, because:

  • You can try your luck, is a GACHA, anything is possible.

  • In most of times you don't even need full geared HoT, things like Mag Typhoon, Monet, Ishikawa Goemon or even the new story chapters event stigma set works. Even if you full geared her doesn't mean that you'll get that 2% in MA, sometimes is about having the Battlesuit or not.
  • HoT's characteristics suits very well for traditional elemental line ups (PX/AE BD), easy to use and hair saving.
  • Also, even if you get off rate useless stuff, you convert those things into support gear or Newton (B) via Exchange Shop.

All things above does not apply if you can't even afford a 10x pull.

About HoT equipment replacement I'll put a board below (You can combine between different tiers):

2. The new ELF: Bella
Bella is a new lightning support ELF, made especially for HoT.
About her gacha, I only recommend pulling for her after you got HoT fully geared. For example (very simple example): Bella is used to rise your damage cap from 100 to 110 and not from 60 to 66, to improve that 60 damage cap you should focus on HoT's equipment and supports. 
Also Bella has not any unique special skill like Fuxi's Book (who can control the enemies and save that poor hair amount that you have) or Selune's Elegy (who can freeze and has a big amount of damage and can be helpful in some strategies).

3. Supplies
About HoT's Expansion supply, there's noting to say, we only pull it for HoT.
About HoT's Focused/Expansion equipment supply, let's make some analysis about the off rate and if they're worth keeping or be converted into Newtons.

  • Key of Castigation: Nothing to say, HoT's BiS.
  • Arc Serratus: Premiun resonators.
  • Hekate's Gloom: Worth keeping, makes SS-rank TP a Jizo slasher.
  • Oath of Judah: Divine key, ATK+10.
  • Sleepy Beauty: Useful in MA, needs SS-rank Molotov Cherry.
  • Skoll and Hati: BiS for NS, definitely worth keeping.
  • Skadi Ondurgud: AKA's BiS, after Pri-Arm makes AKA very strong in abyss.


  • Benares Awakened: HoT's BiS
  • Ishikawa Goemon: (Monet T, Goemon MB) - universal lightning damage set, Goemon T is also worth keeping for SK with Planck B (Goemon TM, Planck B).
  • Beethoven: Very strong melee physical damage support stigma, mid and bot can be used separately, provides a ridiculous physical damage buff in set of 2 (Beethoven TM, Newton B) (Tesla Band T, Beethoven MB) or the entire set.
  • Dirac: BiS for NS and SP, the two strongest physical damage A rank Valkyries nowadays (full set required).
  • Gustav Klimt: Good physical support, top and mid are the most used in 2 set, bot is pretty useless.

As we can see, the equipment pool is actually pretty good.
In addition, about pulling for equipment in Expanded Equipment supply or Focused supply. I only recommend pulling in Expanded Equipment if you have enough crystals to get all the guarantees (200 pulls), because the probabilities in Expanded Equipment supply is lower than the Focused one.

Expanded Equipment:


4. Free 4* katana box - Login event
In 4.1 there will be a login event that will give you a 4* katana box by login for 3 days(choose one from: MagStorm, Florid Sakura, 3rd Sacred Relic, Pledge or Rain and 100 Einstein's Torus).

My recommendations about what weapon to choose is (from higher priority to lower):

1. MagStorm: Can be used as a replacement of HoT's BiS and after upgrading it into a Pri-Arm, it's a very good lightning support when equipped by Lightning Empress. Also works very well on Darkbolt Jonin.
2. Florid Sakura: Flame Sakitama's BiS, the f2p DPS goddess from the previous - previous era, the previous one was Night Squire and nowadays is Hawk of The Fog, after upgrading it into Pri-Arm it's also used as a fire damage support.
3. Pledge of Rain: It's beautiful and suits very well on Valkyrie Bladestrike's Aeterna Purum outfit.
4. 3rd Sacred Relic: Boomer captain's memory, it was the first 4* equipment that I farmed from Time Swirl (Bounty Mark). It's has high CRI stats but it's useless nowadays.

I don't recommend getting Einstein's Torus directly, because the weapon named above can be converted into Torus, but Torus can't be converted into those weapons, when saving resources I recommend choosing from higher value > lower value (Like crystals can be converted into asterite and mithrill, but you will always choose crystals).
For old players like me, who has enough materials and all the weapons from above, take anything you want. Personally, I choose THE BOX, for collection purposes. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

5. Shicksal Store (Spending event)
On August 7th, Shicksal Store spending event released with HoT's banner, will last for 3 weeks, by spending a certain amount of crystals or pulling for non-Dorm supplies, you'll get Shicksal Store Shell currency. Shell currency will be used to exchange for Memento's new outfit, past outfits (for SN, KMB, LE, VK, 6S, VE/TP), Thunder Kikaku, 11th Sacred Relic, Jinshengtang set, Supply card, Pri-Arm materials, etc.
This means that just by pulling HoT decently (+26K crystals), you'll be able to get an outfit or an equipment for free.

6. Summer event: Twins Invasion
Nothing special to say, it's a dice-rolling table game. Old players are already familiarized with those events and for the new players, by just doing all the missions dailies you'll be able to get all the rewards.

Honkai Impact events are not anymore those "grind-to-death for a small part amount of the rewards" events.


7. Time Capsule
In the Time Capsule I recommend buying the things below:

  • Summer Day (Balloon) Set (only TM): Good f2p elemental support stigma, summons a balloon upon attacking and when the balloon explodes, Valkyries in the area gains 30% elemental damage.
  • Senescence: A very good f2p 4* scythe, which doesn't need Honkai Cubes to max and has almost the same stats of max Onyx, making it very cheap to use (Please don't max Onyx Iron, It's the worst 4* farmable weapon).
  •  Azure Soaker: Like Senescence, It doesn't need Honkai Cubes to max and it has almost the stats of a farmable 4* cannon. It's a very good alternative for HoR if don't have Key of Reason or Briareus Pri/Briareus Ex.
  • Outfits for your waifu.

I don't recommend getting Xuanyuan guns because you can get Mjolnir in Exchange Shop or in the future v4.2's Battle Pass.

8. Battle Pass
About the new Battle Pass, I only recommend Thunder Kikaku if you already have Blood Dance, Jinshengtang, 11th Sacred Relic/Leitourgia and a decent DP lightning team. Otherwise, I recommend saving those Lucions, because there are news about ALL the previous BP equipment back for v4.2.

9. Shop
UI changed and Valkyrie Gloria fragments added in Witch's Corridor.

The things below are ''COMPULSORY PURCHASES'' from each new patch:

  • Co-op Shop's Honkai Shards.
  • Battle Arsenal's Smelted Cores.
  • Dorm Shop's Lucions, Dorm Supply cards and Einstein's Torus.

10. Bounty Mark
New farmable stigmas in Bounty Mark: Kepler set, Nagamitsu set, Dracula set, Siegfried set, Shennong set and Nohime set.
If you already own all the strong farmable stuff here (Briareus Pri, MagStorm, Hyper Railguns, Florid Sakura, Lier B, Cleopatra B, Fuxi MB,…), I recommend choosing Siegfried M as your UP equipment, which is an improved Theresa Origins M.

If you think that you already can do with Origins M, farm for Nohime set, Nohime will be exchangeable to Peary set in v4.2, and then Peary to the future Herrscher of Ice set.

Other special mentions are Nagamitsu M and Kepler TM. They can be useful is some strats.


That's all, I hope this was helpful for you, thanks for reading this guide and good luck pulling for HoT.