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Tips and Tricks with a late F2P player

Guide with Tips and Tricks from a late game F2P player

BEFORE I BEGIN I must clarify that this guide has some bias opinion (its my guide, my thoughts), and that this guide was made in February and so its had references of that time (the release of HOV and the Chinese new year event) right here are MY tips and tricks :

  1. After the tutorial ends you will get an S rank valkyrie . The ones you want are either HOV, SK, CH, S6 (i'll explain later the names if you don't get them). If you didn't get any of these ones than don't worry that much , in the early game walks aren't that important and you have plenty of time to get others. The valkyries I mentioned are the TOP TIER aka you probably want them later on . If you want a good team and an easy begging then try getting one. If not you can just restart and that's up to you.
  2. Try to find the valkyrie that fits your play-style the most, if you don't like ones play-style even if its the best one then don't worry , despite everyone you don't need to go hardcore unless you really want to do so. Late game will be hard without a good team but you will have likely realized your team and will probably have most valkyrie. Kiana's are fast , Bronya's have range , Himeko's deal heavy damage , Fu Hua's have many combos, etc. Find your play-style and then see what valkyries you really want to invest in.
  3. Valkyries NOT TO INVEST IN are WC, CI,VB, BS, (t0 some extent valkyrie Triumph) . These valkyries are not good at all and should not be invested in. Most of them are your beginner valkyries but all of these have a major flaw that makes them pretty bad (its mostly very low damage). Even if you like them you should know that there are better options for example : WC can be replaced with DP (both Kiana's with similar play-styles , have the same ultimate except DP's causes time to slow and heals and she's a psychic).
  4. Don't waste crystals in Standard Gacha after your first S rank except if you get a ticket. Try saving diamonds for when new valkyries that come in such as right now HOV which is a GOD TIER character (hehe). Same goes for standard supply  try waiting for good focused weapons to come like 'Oath of Judah,' a weapon for Theresa that makes her really good. I know it's tempting to go for standard since you get an A rank every 10x times but try saving or at least spending on focused , there you have a better chance for valkyries you might want. TIP 1 : If you didn't know you can only get 5 types of valkyries in focused so try looking into them if there is a valkyrie you want . Example : in the focused for HOV I want DP so I have a better chance of getting her her rather than in standard. TIP 2 : Despite saying only for a 10x you will get an A rank valkyrie, it's better to do single pulls because every 10x pulls you WILL get an A rank valkyrie even if you only did singe supplies. This helps you manage recourse. Also you can see you're pulls if you click the banner at the top , then scroll down to supply crate log to see what you have gotten.
  5. DON'T HOARD STAMINA! Always try to spend it somewhere, Story stages, open world (lvl 30), or base adventures. It isn't worth it since the game gives you actually but stamina Potions. You can use them whenever you want so there isn't a point to try to save stamina. TIP : Try saving at least 3 or 4 stamina doesn'tPotions. There are some situations where you'll be looking for stamina for whatever reason. In case of those emergencies save 3 or 4 stamina potions to use them on stages.  TIP 2 : IF you don't use stamina that much try open world . Very 2 says of over 100 stamina should spend it all
  6. USE CAPTAIN 50% EXP CHIP. Simple. Daily. Helps you a lot. Your valkyries max level is caped at you own so YOU should level up so YOUR valkyrieS can level up so YOU can progress.
  7. DON'T go leveling up every valkyrie. Like said before there are some valkyries you MUST NOT invest in. However there are some good valkyries that I personally don't like. Of course try before judge. Example : I don't like Bronya' play-stylele so I have no reason to level her up.  
  8. When completing story stages try to complete all the changes. You get 15 crystals every time. With a bit of math if you do the chapter 1 story stages on normal ( 6 stamina per stage with 15 stages in total) the math comes out giving you 225 diamonds for "free," its not that hard not to mention that you get rewards with gold for every stage complete. TIP : Use a team of someone who triggers time fracture (slowing down time) , a Bronya with a laser weapon that is a low level and someone who can trigger "frozen time"(floating enemies who are slowed down). My team is : VC(laser weapon and time-fracture with a low level since I don't play her), DP(frozen time) and the third one is often based on a requirement and often one of my best valkyries to finish the stage quickly. I use VC for combo attacks since its pretty easy to just spam onec in a while and trigger time fracture with her.
  9. FARM your valkyries to raise their ranks. ANY valkyrie CAN RANK UP TO SSS RANK . Ranking up your valkyries is VERY important so always farm your favorites TIP very early on try to get NS since she's pretty good and try to get at least every valkyrie . even if you don't rank them every new valkyrie gives you 100 EP (you can use this for your skill points) . Mid-late game only farm the ones you like until SSS then 
  10. don't spend crystals at the shop unless you're desperate . But even then you should just wait. Try to spend only gold for valkyrie fragments since they're kinda worth it but ONLY if you have the gold to spare. Its not worth spending 28 crystals on 1 frag when you could spend 16 stamina for a story stage giving you sometimes the frag with minimal effort if you do it from the Command center
  11. ALWAYS DO weekday events (at least once for the crystals). I don't spend stamina on the training camp since they aren’t worth it. BUT weekday events is the BEST place to get MATERIALS for without spending dias. You will need them later on to upgrade weapons and stigmata. TIP : Here, you can use those Ai-chan tokens she always sends you since you don't do the training camp. They get you challenge attempts. Try using them whenever you are in need of materials and mostly for GOLD . 
  12. Complete the "Beginner Training Graduation". You get some rewards not to mention diamonds from stages, but the Challenge Mission. Click mission and on your main screen with your favorite valkyrie (WC by default). Then to your right there is a Purple box saying Challenge mission. Its right here. You get some sweet rewards for completing it.
  13. UNDER LVL 15 USE AN INVITATION CODE . It really helps us late gamers. I'm not doing this as a plug-in but rather to tell you that you and me both get rewards when you do it so please don't forget. Use this link for finding codes . I've also posted mine there.
  14. For STIGMATA and WEAPONS there are plenty of guides but I recommend this playlist by  jc3 who has much more experience than me. They go in depth and they also make guides for all charactes. However their tier lists can be outdated due to game patches so watch only their latest videos for the tier list.
  15. If you didn't understand the TUTORIAL at the begging you can actually try again. As of the latest update this guide was made, on go to the bottom right where your phone is and go to the last 'app' named Archives. After that click on academy and do the stage you don't understand the concept of. I'd recommend you do them all since they are 0 stamina with 15 dias per stage. Also these stages don't let you pass until you have actually done the acton. Example : The stage Ultimate Evasion , if you haven’t evaded the stage wont let you finish.
  16. The valkyrie shortcut names :         

This photo is actually outdated so I'll be making one of my own VERY WIP . i'll be taking notes there too.