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[UPDATE] Standard for Evaluation

Ai-chan has found a strange file in the Command Center. Let's see what's in it...


※※Strictly Confidential※※

Standard for Evaluation


The evaluation of strategies will be based on the following aspects:


Format & Flow

For text based guides:

  • Article is neatly organized in sections. No huge chunks of text.
  • Section arrangement has a easy understanding order.
  • Begins with a summary/abstract.
  • Includes table of contents/outline.
  • Bolds and/or colors important information.

For video based guides:

  • Opens with a main purpose. Don't confuse the viewers.
  • Edit out unnecessary recordings.
  • Organized in sections with timestamps.
  • Highlights important information.


Visual Display

  • Includes pictures, gifs, videos, charts or tables that explains better than words.
  • Information in the visuals is easy to digest with the suitable size, length(for gifs and videos), order, colors, highlights, etc. 
  • Visuals are aesthetic.



For Character/Equipment/ELF reviews:

  • Includes stats and skill review. (solely copying in-game description doesn't count)
  • Includes suitable character/team/equipment/elf build. 
  • Includes comparison with characters/equipments/elfs of the similar type or usage.
  • Includes obtainment recommendation.

For Event Guides:

  • Includes mechanism explanation.
  • Includes walkthroughs to clear stages.
  • Includes rewards display and calculations for obtainment.

For Beginner Guides (Version Overviews, New System Overviews, Spending Guides, Background Stories, World View, etc.):

  • Defines by the value of information.

For Abyss/Arena (contains a full round):

  • Run is applicable to normal players. Not aiming for extreme scores.
  • Don't need top tier equipments except for the main DPS.
  • Don't need too much advanced playing techniques. e.g. insta-cross, insta-ult
  • Don't need frequent Save/Load for crits or certain boss moves.
  • Don't need to pick up specific drop-offs. e.g. SP packs, Theresa: Gluttony (T) candies



For Version Contents:

  • Full within 2 weeks the system is live. Half after 2 weeks. None at the next version. No rewards at all when the system changes or closes.

For Version Events:

  • Full within 3 days when a chapter/phase unlocks. Half within the 1st week. None at next week. No rewards at all when event ends.

For Weekly Events:

  • Full within 2 days the event is live. Half within 4 days. None from the 5th day. No rewards at all when event ends.

For Abyss:

  • Full before the end of the 1st day. Half before the end of the 2nd day. None from the beginning of the 3rd day. No rewards at all when the round ends.

For Memorial Arena:

  • Full before the end of Thursday. Half before the end of Friday. None from the beginning of Saturday. No rewards at all when the round ends.

For Old Equipment Updates:

  • Full within the version of any change made to the equipment. Half within the next version of change. None from the third version.


※ Originality is essential. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.




Weight Detail:







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