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Standard for Evaluation

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Standard for Evaluation


The evaluation of strategies will be based on the following 4 aspects:


Layout & Manner of Writing

- Readability
- Intelligibility of logic



- Whether or not illustrated with images or videos
- Quality of images or videos
- Emphasis on highlights to facilitate understanding


Gameplay Analysis

- Accuracy
- Precision
- Sophistication and comprehensiveness



- Fun to read or not
- Other merits


※ Originality is essential. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.


Each aspect of evaluation will be based on a scale of 0~10.
Weight on different aspects of the evaluation will differ in different types of strategies.


For example, readability and accessibility of information are essential for Beginner's Guides and Event Guides, as these kinds of strategies are for Captains to easily get the game and events. So, "Layout & Manner of Writing" and "Illustration" are of more importance.

While for Battlesuit/ Equipment Reviews and Abyss & Arena guides, accuracy of description, precision of calculation, and sophistication and comprehensiveness of the analysis determine the value of the strategy, as these kinds of strategies are to help Captains to gain in-depth understanding of the game. So, "Gameplay Analysis" will be take into more account in evaluation.


Weight Detail:







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