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Mastering the QTE and it's effects


     The strategy I will be explaining can be used in various situations,Open World, story mode, but I personnaly use it in Abyss , but it is very usefull in any stage that you wish to clear quickly. This strategy can also help with stage missions so it is good for Beginners that wish to gain more crystals .


     First off, the required valkyries are : Kiana; Divine Prayer, Yae Sakura; Gyakushin Miko, and Fu Hua ;Night Squire .The required items are only weapons. For Gyakushin Miko, you need "Magstorm". "Magstorm" 's skill paralizes ennemies for a short time . ( Magstorm's info )

For Divine Prayer, you need " Artemis' Guardian ". "Artemis' Guardian" inflicts time lock and floating . ( Artemis' Guardian's info )

For Night Squire, any weapon is good for the sake of this strategy.

The ability I will be using is the valkyries' QTE .Night Squire's QTE is triggered when an ennemy is in the air.

Gyakushin Miko's QTE is the same as Night Squire's QTE.

Divine prayer's QTE is triggered when an ennemy is paralized. 



     So here's how it goes, Night Squire throws an ennemy into the air with her basic attacks, triggering Gyakushin Miko's QTE . At this point, it's up to you wether you paralize an ennemy with "Magstorm"'s skill or you wait and use Yae's combo with the sakura brands. The combo will throw ennemies into the air, triggering Night Squire's QTE .If you decided to use Divine Prayer's QTE, then you can use "Artemis' Guardian"'s skill or do a perfect evasion to trigger floating and time lock effects.

     This effect then triggers Night Squire and Gyakushin Miko's QTE.To finish it off, Divine Prayer triggers Night Squire's and Gyakushin Miko's QTE, Gyakushin Miko triggers Divine Prayer's and Night Squire's QTE, and Night Squire triggers Gyakushin Miko's QTE. The loops is endless and that is why this QTE combo is so powerful.


     If you have "Kiana;Diva" (M) Stigmata, then your combo also heals the team ( Kiana Diva (M) 's info ).  I recommend, for Night Squire, using " Skoll and Hati" gauntlets and "Michelangelo set" so "Skoll and Hati " ( Skoll and Hati 's info ) produces attacks in your surroundings while every attack is boosted by the " Michelangelo" set ( Michelangelo set's info ).

This QTE combo can of course be adjusted with whatever weapon or valkyrie you have.


The information about the weapons and stigmatas ( the links ) come from the website : honkaiimpact3.gamepedia.com .