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Patch 3.7 Material Rework Guide

Patch 3.7 Material Rework Guide

By Stroke

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Honkai has continuously made the game's massive material resource system more and more compact. This is great as it removes redundancies and needless complexity. In 3.7, it has reworked its materials in multiple areas of the game and this guide will go over what has changed.

  1. Exp Materials
  2. Skill Materials
  3. Open World Materials
  4. Dorm Materials
  5. Co-op Raid Materials

EXP materials:



On the whole, valkyrie and ELF exp will be simplified down to the same resource. Valkyrie exp chips will convert 1:1 to their respective tier's chip. The ELF bytz will convert to a combination of Super chips and Mithrils. The rate is 1.5 Super chip and 850 Mithril for ADV bytz and 0.3 Super chips and 170 Mithril for regular bytz. 

Furthermore, due to the ELF's skill system rework, ELFs' levels will all be reset Lv1. To compensate, captains will receive Super chips and Mithral based on ELFs' previous levels. The rate is 1000 ELF exp is compensated with 3 Super chips and 1,700 Mithril. The amount compensated more than covers for the cost of materials for re-leveling. However, leveling ELFs in 3.7 will now cost Coin, which can hurt lower leveled players. Overall, it would be wise to level up your ELFs in preparation.



Similarly for equipment exp, the Ether Crystals/Shards (Weapon exp), are converted to Soul Crystals/Shards, which will now be used for both Weapons and Stigmatas.


Skill Materials:



Primary Skill Material will be converted into Mithril, and awaken valkyrie's skill level up will now cost Mithril rather than Primary Skill Material wherever it applied. In addition, ELF skill level up materials such as Basic Talengem, GP Talengem, and Talengem-X, will be converted to Advanced Skill Material and Asterite, the rate varying based on the rarity of Talengem.


ELFs' talent bank is now removed for individual ELF skill trees. Skills will now be available based on the ELF's level and stars ranking. Skills will be unlocked using materials such as Mind Stones, Advanced SKill Material, and Coin.


Open World Materials:


Aesir Core and Red Magatama will be converted into 0.75 AE and SS Imaginons. Valkyrie fragments that used to use Aesir Core and Red Magatama are adjusted to cost 300 more Asterites, which is the same rate as Flame Sakitama. Weapons that used these materials will cost 1 AE Imaginon more for each Aesir Core/Red Magatama. Stigmatas that use them will cost 1.5 SS Imaginon more for each Aesir Core/Red Magatama. This will make Open World Stigmatas much more expensive.


Dorm Materials:



The main material to buy dorm furniture will be only Honkai Blocks after 3.7. During 3.7, you may purchase 40 Honkai Blocks with 300 Furni-Bitz, up to 50 times. Remaining Furni-Bitz will be converted to 10 Coin each.


Co-op Raid Materials:



The secondary materials such as Soulsteel and Soulium are all condensed down to the basic Soulium. The same tier is converted 1 for 1 while the higher tier converts at a 3 for 1 rate. Soulium will also no longer be used for upgrading Divine Key Chambers, but only Divine Key Weapons. Upgrading Divine Key Weapons will also use Phase Shifters starting 3.7. 

Orange Jades will be converted into 40 United Tokens. Blue, yellow, and black Jades will all be converted to Green Jades. The conversion rate for blue is 1 to 4 and the rate for yellow and black is 1 to 6. All relevant craftable weapons and stigmatas using Jades are a direct conversion: eg. 75 Yellow Jade gear costs 450 Green Jades. Divine Key Chamber upgrades are drastically cheaper compared with their conversion rates. Chamber upgrades now also use Advanced Skill Material, along with Smelted Cores at earlier levels than before, but overall the chamber upgrades are much cheaper. Therefore, for those who have not finished upgrading their chambers would be wise to wait before doing so

Finally, Co-op raid resets have also changed in patch 3.7. Instead of Normal, Hard, and Supreme difficulties, the raid's difficulty is now decided based on Captain Level. Co-op raid will also reset every Friday for free, allowing Captains to run the raid again for more materials. However, in return, Time Structure resets are now less efficient. For level 81+ captains doing Final Homu Fantasy, it costs 55 Time Structures for 100 Green Jades. This is less cost-effective than any of the previous 3 difficulties. Therefore, Captains should really use up their Time Structures before the update.




Patch 3.7 has taken another step in making the game's complex material system more compact for its players. For the most part, the changes will not have too much effects on general gameplay, besides making the game easier to digest. However, certain costs and conversions can be taken advantage of, such as Time Structure reset, ELF leveling, Open World Foundry gear, and Divine Key Chamber upgrades.