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Version 3.5 Notes


Welcome, fellow capitans!
Enjoyed your halloween? You should be, because we're getting a treat for the game as well!
Or, is it a trick?


Update v3.5 has just arrived, and today, we're going to dive into the patch notes!

Not the usual patch note though, as we are going to look into each one of the important changes briefly.

Without further ado, enjoy the overview!



As the night draws near, dead silence fills the air…
you can sense something is reaching for your body.





Yep, Table of Contents, I almost forgot..

We have today, New Story, New Battlesuits, New Equipments, New Costumes, New Dorm, and many other changes!

Don't hesitate to use the links to fly through these important notes, or if you're going to read them all, I'm honored.



New Story Chapter



After we finished Quantum Sea's story in chapter 12, we now join Kiana and Rita as they uncover the mysteries behind this whole “Serpent” ordeal and face a new looming terror, who will it be?
Chapter 13: ARC Nocturne, will be playable after the patch.


Just like Chapter 12: Plain of Vigrid, this is a Special Storyline, you can get special exp for the storyline by playing Chapter 13 stages.
This event level gives a total of 35 Fog Cores, 24 AE Cores, 4 Smelted Cores, 100 Crystals, 2500 Asterites, 1 Honkai Shard, and a new costume for Void Drifter!





New Battlesuits


First, Seele's S rank battlesuit, Stygian Nymph, has arrived!



Short explanation, since MiHoYo already made an official guide about her,
Stygian Nymph is Seele's newest Battlesuit with Quantum type. Her most unique mechanic is duality, where she can change her persona as she wishes, each persona has a different playstyle, thus makes it a 2 in 1 battlesuit.
Stygian Nymph is a physical melee valkyrja, capable of doing massive amount of dps with a simple gameplay yet hard to understand.



She has a persona bar above her HP bar that is filled with either white or dark-red color, while one increases, one decreases. This bar serves as her charged attack meter, when it's filled with the color of the persona you're currently in, you can unleash a charged attack and do massive damage, while applying a mark of your current mode to enemies.


Her light form is called Saule, and is more focused towards AoE play. This form's bar is called Saulian Ego, and consuming her bar will inflict Sunnebrand, which deals AoE damage


Her dark form is called Veliona, and is more focused towards single target play. This form's bar is called Veilian Id, and consuming her bar will inflict Veilmark, which deals heavy single target damage


There is no time limit for either form, you can switch form by pressing Ultimate button and though it has no SP requirement, this will deplete your current SP to 0, increasing the ultimate's damage by 0.5% per SP drained, up to 75% (150 SP), her ultimate also inflicts Quantum Implosion, which will remove one layer of quantum state from quantum enemies



Both Sunnebrand and Veilmark disappears after 16s and an enemy cannot be inflicted by two marks at the same time, resonating the mark doesn't remove it, and the duration reset every time the mark is applied.

Marks are applied in 3 ways, Full-bar charged attack, QTE, and ultimate, also when you have a full bar of your current mode, her basic attack can chain into charged attack automatically, making her a true tap to win battlesuit.



Overall, Stygian Nymph stands as a main dps with her core gameplay being resonating marks as much as possible while gaining SP and burst every time ultimate is ready. She is not supposed to be easy to play at first, but becomes very powerful once you get the style.



Next is Hawk of the Fog, a core augment to the Valkyrie Accipiter battlesuit



This augment deals lightning damage contrary to her non-augment battlesuit, she gains powerful shield-breaking capabilities and also able to buff teammates.

In total, you need 267 cores and 20 smelted to fully rank the augment, and its power spike lies in 3rd star, which unlocks all passives needed, and 6th star, which is a tremendous increase to ultimate's damage



This augment is unique, because you can't use ultimate as you wish, you can only use ultimate by holding B after an ultimate evasion, or after you land from Tunneling Blossom, which is AAABB, which is shown on the gif above.
The gif above also shows Six-sided Shock (AAAB), her new bread and butter move, it doesn't just look cool, it deals a good amount of damage, and you can move while doing it!


Fog Hawk also has multiple ways of paralyzing her enemies, which is Taranic Talons (3s paralyze, see gif below), attack after an ultimate evasion (4s paralyze), and ultimate (5s paralyze), this makes paralyze-based stigmas such as Tesla T, Fuxi M, and Cleopatra B highly viable for her.



Summary, Hawk of the Fog can break shields much faster now, she also gets  a massive damage boost at the cost of her healing capabilities.
She might not be a front-line dps, but her powerful burst capabilities makes up for that, so don't miss her augment core because it's worth it!





New equipments


We also received 2 new PRI-ARMs, 2 new weapons, and 2 new stigmata sets in this update, and as always, I won't be reviewing them because they will have their own in-depth guides, so be sure to check them out!


The PRI-ARMs are


First, Positron Blasters, is an upgraded Hyper Railgun, and is designed specifically for Knight Moonbeam.



Positron inflicts paralyze in a form of lightning strikes that activates every 20 hits, one round of KMB's spin attack does 19 hits on long range and 38 hits on melee range, each spin lasts for 3s while the lightning paralyzes for 1.5s, meaning you can get a dependable paralyze for every spin and not battling with luck (critical strike or 3% chance).


But not just paralyze, Positron can also boost the whole team's physical damage output by inflicting physical vulnerability and giving physical damage bonus via KMB's ultimate evasion!
This doesn't just breathe a new life to KMB's main dps capability, but also her support role, making her viable in any slot that a physical team needs.



Then, the second PRI-ARM, 11th Leiturgia, is an upgraded 11th Sacred Relic, and features a massive sp gain and critical rate support for the whole team.



Long story short, This weapon is able to revive most of physical dps team that has Celestial Hymn in it, because it removes the only issue that held CH back, SP management.


It also has a higher crit rate bonus of 20%, awesome damage output of 3750%, increases the whole team's sp gain, and many more!
On top of that, look at those feather effect, isn't it beautiful?



There is also a new signature weapon and signature stigma set for Stygian Nymph, Path to Acheron Scythe and Allan Poe Stigmata.



These new signature sets are a must have if you're aiming to maximize Stygian Nymph's potential, so make sure to check the in-depth guides for them if you're interested in her!



Then, we have a new focused for weapon, Might of An-Utu



This weapon is the turning edge for Vermillion Knight battlesuit, it's made for her. Although there are still discussions whether the weapon is wearable by Blood Rose or not, its ability to produce 2500% fire damage in a hit is not to be underestimated.



Also, this weapon is a Divine Key of Destruction, other than having a special buff for raid coop, you can sync it at the divine pavilion and get a +10 atk bonus for all valkyrjas!



The last addition to the equipment list is Marco Polo, it is obtainable in the foundry for 130 SS Imaginons each



This stigma gives physical damage, crit rate, and crit damage, and you can get its maximum effect at 30+ combo count, the set also provides sp bonus and 40hp/s regeneration, things that are important to valkyrjas such as Umbral Rose and Molotov Cherry, although mainly, all physical valkyrjas that has quick attacks can utilize the set.





New Costumes


We also get 5 new costumes available for: Void Drifter, Umbral Rose, Blueberry Blitz, Molotov Cherry, and Blood Rose!


Void Drifter's costume is obtainable from reaching level 30 in the Chapter 13's Special Storyline event, this costume changes VD's character card and her lance's appearance to black-red.


Umbral Rose's costume is obtainable from reaching level 20 in Season 3 Knight/Paladin Battlepass, it's simply a recolor to her normal outfit which gives a more halloween-ish vibe, it also changes her character card.


Blueberry Blitz's costume is obtainable from the new Purification event, this costume is based from Frankenstein's monster and changes her character card, she also gets special effects for her 5th basic attack, charged, and ultimate.


Molotov Cherry's costume is available in the B-Coin shop, and later in a paid bingo event. This costume changes her character card and changes her overall color from pink to purple, it also gives special effects for her idle pose, charged, and ultimate.


Blood Rose's costume is available in the paid bingo event that is coming soon. This costume is a Special Costume, meaning it gives effect to almost everything: character card, sword holster, dropping rose effect, idle pose, ultimate activation, sword swing, last attack sequence (sword slamming), ultimate deactivation, she even have a custom stage clear pose!





New Dorm



This rework is a massive UI remodel for the “Base” button that you can find in the main menu, the features are still there, as you can see, but there are different things,


First, Dorm Squad level, is the new “Base Upgrade”, it gives various bonuses to the whole valkyrja and to the base itself, providing things like unlocking Dorm Shop, hourly coins, etc
You can redeem this hourly coin, and also excess stamina, from the Dorm Bonus menu
This Squad has a maximum level of 38.



Apart from the stat bonus, you can also get special bonus from having S based valkyrjas:

These bonuses stack, so if you have SSS KMB and SSS VE, you get 10% physical damage bonus.


The exp is taken from each battlesuit's growth, from White Comet until the last S rank before Herrscher of Void update (Sixth Serenade).



The exp comes in a form of Adventure Badges, you can get this by raising valkyrja's rank, level, and completing her dorm challenge stage..



This encourages and rewards capitans to raise everyone equally and get rewarded for it, because there are 31 valkyrjas in total and 333 attainable badges.



Next, “Base Adventure” is changed into “Errands”, with different features and requirements.



Each errand requires a set amount of “Onigiri”, you can think of it as your errand stamina, it can regenerate and you can't do an errand if you don't have enough onigiri.
Errands are generated once per day and you can do all of them at once since there are no dispatch limitations.


The icons you see in each errand is “Attribute”, you can see this as the “requirements”
Each character has a different attribute, but the battlesuits shares the same attribute:



The difference is that B rank valks gives 4 points of an attribute, A rank gives 6, and S rank gives 12.

The errands gives exp chips and Work Points card, a new currency that can be traded in the Dorm Shop.



This Dorm Shop unlocks new purchasable item as your Dorm Squad level raises, the item it sells ranges from Phase Shifters, Lucion, Torus, even Supply Cards!






Other Changes


There are also other changes such as:
New Memorial Arena boss - Mexicatl: Umbreist



This boss is the same as the one you meet in Flashpoint Action event, but instead of randomly transforming, it has a certain HP threshold for each transformation, and will only return to its ball form if you break its quantum layers.



Some enemies are updated to have a “Debuff bar” on top of their head:



Ghost-type enemies will have the bar when they enter ghost mode, when this bar is filled, they will be unable to enter ghost mode and unable to do quick evasion to melee attacks until the bar resets.


Other than ghosts, bosses also have this special status weakness bar:
Herrscher of Void - Ignite
Padrino - Paralyze (after body turning red)
Heimdall - Heavy Atk
Argent Knight - Ignite
These bosses receives a greater amount of damage taken while debuffed, so take advantage of it and plan properly!



There are also a new BP season coming, this BP gives the Halloween Umbral Rose costume at level 20, buying Paladin BP also gives you the Patrician's Ribbon.



This border also matches the raiment costume for Hawk of the Fog battlesuit.


The season 3 BP shop also removes everything from season 1, and adds the following equipments:

(Limited) Energy Leapers, 11th Relic, Mjolnir, Flint Sanada, and Kallen Hymn stigmata Set.


Also, only in v3.5, you can exchange 10 Memory Crystal Core for 1 Lucion, it has 8 exchanges limit.
Make sure you exchange them because Memory Crystal Core will be scrapped from the game.



Last changes is from Flame Sakitama, her Combo Atk can now ignite enemies!



Her Mark can now ignite enemies hit for 10s, it cannot be reapplied when it's active. This opens up new viable stigmatas for her such as Fuxi (B) and Thales (M), so that she will be a little less combo-reliant

But which set is the best? I leave that for you to judge.



And that's it for the v3.5 Patch Notes! Hope you enjoyed yourself and find it useful!

I also thank MiHoYo for the opportunity to be in the 3.5 Beta Test, and other fellow testers as well!


Captain Rinka here, Signing out~