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Version 3.5 Overview

Hi captains~ It's that time of the month again - new Honkai Impact 3 update!  

​I will briefly discuss all the new exciting content in Version 3.5. Just click on these links to jump right to the topics:

New Valkyries, Equipment, Battle Pass, Outfit, New Chapter, Dorm System, Dorm Supply, Gameplay Changes, Memorial Arena and Q-Singularis.
Right, let's get started~



​Stygian Nymph (SN) is is the first S-rank Quantum-type battlesuit! Seele Vollerei and her inner persona Veliona fight together as Saule and Veliona Forms. Saule Form uses scythe to deal damage in an area, while Veliona Form uses her sharp claws and violent tentacles to tear an enemy apart. It's a two-in-one valkyrie! ​

If Phoenix is the hottest thing there is, then Hawk of the Fog (HotF) is the most shocking thing there is! ​ 
HotF excels at dealing high-hitcount, high-damage lightning attacks while swiftly moving all across the battlefield. But that's not all - she can also break enemy shields very easily! Fog Core is required to unlock and upgrade HotF. You can get them from event or Asterite Shop.


These valkyries receive minor adjustment or buff: Twilight Paladin, Blood Rose, Valkyrie Accipiter. Flame Sakitama combo can now apply ignite - a feature introduced in v3.3 Beta finally made it to live version.



Look at all these brand new gears! Be sure to wait for detailed guides on these gears by the other wonderful captains~



Scythe - Path to Acheron [Physical, Offensive]​

Path to Acheron is SN's signature scythe, giving her all the buffs she need - Physical DMG, Crit DMG, Total DMG Multiplier (TDM) and attack speed. There's also a neat 200HP heal too.


Pistol PRI-ARM - Positron Blasters [Physical, Offensive/Support]​

Positron Blasters is the PRI-ARM breakthrough of Hyper Railgun. Don't be alarmed by the long text. All you need to know is that this gun is specialized for Knight Moonbeam (KMB), allowing her to paralyze enemies, and apply increased Physical DMG taken debuff to them. It can be an offensive and support weapon. 

Cross PRI-ARM - 11th Leitourgia [Physical, Support]​

11th Letourgia is the PRI-ARM breakthrough of 11th Sacred Relic. It is specialized for Celestial Hymn (CH), improving her ability to heal, provide sp regen and crit rate to teammates. After activating the cross, she can also recover SP when switched out. Now CH can use ultimate much faster. 


Greatsword Divine Key - Might of An-Utu [Fire, Offensive]​

Not to be confused with Antutu Benchmark, Might of An-Utu is the zeroth form of Judgment of Shamash. It can store 2 charges - at its max charge, its active skill will deal 2500% fire damage! That's hot! ​
Of course, like other Shamash weapon, it will consume your HP, so make sure to utilize the burst damage carefully! This weapon is only obtainable from a Special Supply. Can be tuned to Divine Key Shrine for global +10 ATK stat.



Allen Poe [Physical, Offensive]​

Allen Poe is SN's signature stigmata. Synergizes well with her - Physical DMG, TDM, attack speed. Middle piece requires 63 SP for maximum effect, so you should keep that in mind when using ult.


Marco Polo [Physical, Offensive]​

Marco Polo is the latest Foundry stigmata specialized for physical damage dealers. At max potential, it can provide 280% Physical DMG, 50% Crit DMG, 11% Crit Rate. The bottom piece allows you to recover 5 SP, albeit for a long 10s CD. But that's free 5 SP!


Another patch, another Battle Pass (BP). This is the batch of gears to join Elite Works in v3.5. Note that Energy Leapers is exclusive for v3.5, similar to Oath of Judah which was only available during v3.3. I recommend getting 11th Sacred Relic to unlock the ability to craft PRI-ARM 11th Leitourgia, or Mjolnir to one-up your physical damage team.

​Knight Pass owners will get the first BP-exclusive costume for Umbral Rose (UR). It's an inspiring orange alteration of her original outfit. Paladin Pass owners will also get a new Patrician's Ribbon border. It matches with UR and HotF outfit, right?​

Speaking of outfits, here are all the new outfits added in v3.5~​ 

Chapter 13

​After the conclusion of Sea of Quanta arc, the story returns its attention to Kiana 'K423' Kaslana. What is she up to in ARC City? Will Rita finally capture her? Find out in this brand new chapter - ARC NOCTURNE. Chapter 13 event will also give attractive rewards including Void Drifter red outfit, 76 Fog core, Honkai Cube Shard and much more.


Stygian Bloom

Taking place sometime during SN awakening, captain must dive deep into Seele's mind to purify the darkness within. This is a server-wide event, so let's fight together! Rewards Blueberry Blitz outfit, Imaginons and much more.


V3.5 has overhauled and merged Dorm, Base and Divine Key into a new Dorm System. In this new system, you will get a brand new menu, interface, errand, shop and much more! Do note that only valks before Herrscher of the Void release can join Home System, and your beloved dorm is still here with all your favourite chibis. ​

Performing Dorm mission and ranking-up your valkyries will Increase your Dorm Point, which allows you to get global stat bonus! S-rank valks will also give certain global stat bonus depending on rank. Do note that the old base buffs have been applied to all valkyries, and Divine Key Shrine's Gene Limit can still be activated. Imagine stacking all these awesome buffs!​

Image shows the max global stat buffs from Dorm system

What happens to my old base investment?
Don't worry. All your base investment - crystals, phase shifters, etc, will be fully refunded. Old base buff is now a permanent 35% bonus to all valkyries. You will also get 98 friend capacity permanently. Thanks, Ai-chan! ​


In conjunction with the introduction of Dorm system, a new Dorm Supply is introduced - containing all the valkyries that can join Dorm system. It's not entirely new; it has similar pool and drop rate as Star Seeker supply from v3.4, but with a few improvements:

  • Dorm Supply guarantees a brand new S-rank for every three S-rank drops.
  • Guarantees an S-rank within 25 pulls. One time only!
  • It is a permanent supply, which means your pity count will carry over to next patches.​

Dorm Supply is expected to replace Standard Supply in v3.6. Some changes are made to Standard Supply before its removal:

  • Standard Supply pulls are discounted to 200 crystal per pull. Limited to 33 pulls. Basically, Ai-chan is giving your last chance to get 33-pull guaranteed S-rank!
  • All Standard pulls using crystals from v3.3-v3.4 will get 80 crystal refund in v3.5


Currently, it is unclear what will happen to Standard Tickets in v3.6. Stay tuned for future news. Also, Friendship Supply will be removed from the Supply tab. Instead, you can use Friendship Points to buy Friendship Box in the shop. 


v3.5 introduces A LOT of gameplay changes, so take your time to read everything.


Phase Rank-up
Let's take S-rank Valkyrie Ranger(VR) as example. Before v3.5, you need to collect 100 VR fragments to rank her up. Now, you can use 30 fragments to rank-up from S-rank to S★-rank, getting some stat boost. Total fragments used to rank up is still the same as before.​​

QTE Toggle
Long have we waited... Finally, you can turn off any QTE. This is a mechanic requested by a lot of veteran players, since some QTEs hinder valkyries from reaching their true potential.


Heavy ATK
A few Valkyrie skills now have Heavy ATK property. Heavy ATK hits harder and deals more damage to shield. Enemy's HP bar will stagger when hit with Heavy ATK. Currently, only a few valks have Heavy ATK. More will be added in the future.

Gif shows HP bar stagger when Heimdall is hit with Heavy ATK


Special Status Weakness
Some enemies which had Status Immune now have Trauma Meter. Fill the meter with certain attacks according to the weakness. Once full, the enemy will receive certain weakening effect for an amount of time! ​​

Image shows enemies with their Trauma icon. From left to right: Heavy ATK, Ignite and Paralyze

Table shows list of enemies with their weakness and Trauma effect


Improved Valkyrie and Inventory Management
You can now search for Valkyrie according to the type of damage or status that they can inflict. There's also some neat icons that come together with this upgrade.​

Inventory now has improved tabs. Event item now has its own tab, ensuring you don't accidentally use that lovely Valkyrie gift for 30 stamina.​


Other Minor Changes
Quantum valk affix, ice enemy slow debuff weakened, HP bar UI improvement, and so much more. Experience it yourself in v3.5!

New Boss - Mexicatl: Umbreist
The quantum-type Mexicatl: Umbreist enters Memorial Arena! First debuted in Chapter 12 and Flashpoint Action, this shape-shifting enemy can take the form of other Quantum entities. Strategize on collapsing this boss and the battle will be in your favor.​ 

Boss List
Every patch will now include a list of UP and normal bosses. Every week, UP and normal bosses will be selected from this pool.​

New Top 100 Emblem
The strongest Exalted Arena players will be honored with a brand new emblem. The previous Samsara Hunter emblem will be rewarded to Top 2% Exalted players (and Top 100 Masters players).​​

New Evadion - Quantum Collapse

New Final Floor Boss
Quantum Legion and Argent Knight: Artemis join the fight as Q-singularis final floor bosses. Hope you have your Seele or Might of An-Utu ready to slay them.​


Whew, I hope you're excited for v3.5 because that is a lot of content! Note that some info are based on Beta and CN server, so changes might happen in SEA / Global version. If you would like to know more about v3.5, you can contact me on Discord - Marisa#4065.

Finally, I would like to thank Ai-chan team for giving me the opportunity to play v3.5 Beta and making this guide possible. Hopefully, we'll meet again in another guide.