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Version 3.4 Summary


Greetings, fellow captains!


We have just passed yet another door of a version update, and I, captain Rinka, will be guiding you through the additions and changes of this new version!


Or in other words, if social media posts and in-game announcement is not your type of light novel, this will be the patch note with hopefully better readability.


The new contents are: Chapter XII, Battle Pass Season 2, New Augment Core, New Arsenals, Abyss Adjustment, New Supplies, and many more changes.


But before we start, a headnote for you as usual, I will not be doing deep analysis of the new arsenals and battlesuit, because there are other guides that already covered it.


With that pushed aside, let's go forth into the new v3.4 Update:

Edict of Twilight






Additional story chapter XII: Plain of Vigrid



There is an additional story chapter in this update, Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil the story in it.



The story follows Seele after she was "consumed" in the previous chapter.

Here we also meet Yae Sakura of a different dimension as well as the mysterious figure, Kevin Kaslana.


The story also includes the journey of Theresa, Liliya, and Rozaliya.





Season 2 Battle Pass



The battle pass also gets a new season in this update, Starting September 30th

If you missed the first one or outright didn't care, this might be a good time to consider buying it!


Do note that the season 1 battle pass has already ended and if you want the second row rewards, you will have to buy either knight or paladin battle pass.



A difference in this season is the Cadenza Ribbon that you get from buying the Paladin battle pass (1280 B-Chips), this frame's theme is Wonderland-ish and it looks awesome!

Albeit the fact I can't afford to buy it...



The BP Store is also updated. Do note that Lucion doesn't expire, so if you didn't use them in the first season, you might have an interest in the new additions to the store: 

- Ice Epiphyllum, Blood Embrace, Hrungnir, and Tesla Band Stigmata set -

On the other hand, Honor Points from the first season was removed, so the exchangeables such as focused supply ticket got a reset

Also yes, Judah is removed from the Store


byee have a beautiful time





New Augment Core: Twilight Paladin


I'll get that dress one day, mark my words!


Twilight Paladin is a new Augment Core designed for the long-thought-dead Violet Executor Theresa. The battlesuit that promoted the very first QTE team is now back with much heavier firepower!


Don't be fooled by her charming beauty though, she is able to deal massively huge amount of burst damage, some even say she's comparable with Herrscher of Void, but again, that's for you to judge.



Fear not. Because even that she is a base S rank valk, her cores can still be farmed normally albeit for a higher price of 600 Asterites each along with her Augment Core. Also because of that, Violet Executor fragment itself is now also farmable from War Treasury !



You can buy her fragment 12 times a week during patch 3.4, which means it will take 6 weeks and 1008 Ancient Willpower to get her, and 9 weeks and 1512 Ancient Willpower to upgrade her from S rank to SS.


An additional note, you can also buy DB and memento fragments directly now, In the place of Earthen Jars, you can buy DB's fragments 6 times per week and Memento's fragments 8 times per week





New Arsenals


We got a bunch of new equipment in this update, so I'll be making this into 2 parts: Brand-new & PRI-ARMs.


First things first, brand-new things, cutting things short so you wont get bored, we have ARC Serratus, Void Drifter's signature Gun.


I mean, wow it looks so cool


This weapon's bonus is huge, after dealing 500% AoE Physical damage, the user enters Iron Will and effectively reduces enemies' defense by 60% at max, the user also gains 50% critical damage and 50% more damage to shields.

After the Iron Will ends, the user enters Iron Legacy state, switching out while in this state increases the whole team's Melee critical damage by 25% for 12s.


It's possible to use the skill every time a QTE cycle happens in the Herrscher of Void - Celestial Hymn - Void Drifter team setup and get all the benefits, but in my opinion, Arias still produces better damage output, since VD will not benefit from the Iron Legacy state.



We also have a brand new craftable stigmatas in the foundry: Scott and Rasputin.


Scott uses 60 Honkai Piece per stigma piece.


Rasputin uses 130 SS Imaginon per stigma piece.


Overall, the set provides the following bonus:
Rasputin - Minimum 12% total damage multiplier and 25% ice damage, Maximum 24% total damage multiplier and 75% ice dmg providing you hit slowed enemies and has over 30 combo.
Scott - Minimum 12% total damage multiplier and 27% ice dmg, Maximum 32% total damage multiplier and 65% ice dmg providing you use charged/combo atk every 6s and has over 20 combo.


Yes, ironically, Scott gives better bonus than Rasputin, but, you can combine both and achieve the most out of the 2 sets:
Scott T - Scott M - Rasputin B, which gives a total of maximum of 67% ice damage and 22% total damage multiplier, and 87% ice dmg for charged/combo atk.



Also, with the coming of Twilight Paladin, we got ourselves her signature set's supply, that consists of Hekate's Gloom and Kafka stigmata set.


I would really like to at least tell you what they do, but the guide has already been too long, so, yeah, be sure to search around for their guide!



Then, onto the next brand new feature, the PRI-ARMs.

So long story short, PRI-ARMs are the unlockable 6th star of certain weapons!


The current featured PRI-ARMs are Ice Epiphyllum and MagStorm



The method to reach this new level is quite hard to do.


First, make sure you have unlocked the base weapon for the PRI-ARM that you want. You can check it in your weapon gallery.

Then, you have to sacrifice one 5* gacha katana (it can be the base magstorm or ephyllum), then you need to gather 3 materials for it.

Two of the materials can be obtained through dailies, but Einstein's Torus is only obtainable from MA weekly reward, and you only get about a dozen each week.


So how do we shorten it? Simple, you need 4000 Weapon Resonators. 10 resonators is equal to 1 Torus, so you get 400 Torus, the exact amount you need to upgrade it instantly to 6*


Additional note, while Ice Epiphyllum is available in the BP Shop, you can also craft MagStorm from Bounty Mark as well!






New Abyss


We are not getting this yet, but we will, soon, so it's better to prepare.

This new Quantum Singularity Abyss adjustment now has a set of UP Valkyries, where a number of certain valkyries will receive a 50% Damage Buff.

Also, other than UI changes, it will now be divided into 2 parts: Buffer Zone & Confront Zone.



Buffer Zone, is QS' single-player mode where there are no competition with other captains at all, you can also gather extra crystals here for the level range of 25-55 / 56-69 / 70-95, each tier with different amount of total crystals.

The Abyss is classified into 9 floors, each floor has their own group of mobs and a set of score.


After gathering 12000 points, or after completing 6 floors, you will enter the second part: Confrontation Zone.

True to the name, it is where the old abyss that you know begin.

Also, you will get some extra crystals after you get 12000 score, so be sure to play it often!





New Supply


As usual with the coming of a new battlesuit, there will be a special expansion and focused supply for Violet Executor and her signature set.



And also, as you might have figured it out, we have another expansion to celebrate the PRI-ARMs with Ice Epiphyllum and MagStorm, as well as Peary stigma set.


But those are not my real focus, since I understand the "culture", let's feature this first:


Argent Knight's Wedding Dress Supply


Yes, but no, but look at that, no, I can't, but…


This supply is the exact same as the previous costume supplies (Elsa HoV, Galaxy CH, and Celestial Maid Rita).
The costume has a splendid theme, especially for Rita worshippers, I know I have one in my armada. I mean, look at that thicc thi-- ehm


Moving on, we also have a brand new Special Supply, now with the ability to manually select the S based Valkyrie that you want as the target for the pity pull!



This supply has its own 100 pity meter, and it does not reset even if you reselect the featured valkyrie or let it carry over to the next Special Supply - which features HoV, HoR, and AKA, spend your crystals wisely.





Other Changes


I also call this "ninja update" because these are the ones that are harder to find.
First, Robert Peary stigma set is buffed. The 2 set bonus now instantly increases 20 combos on a hit, activating the full benefit of its T piece, and the 3 set bonus adds a combo-break guard.



Fu Hua's battlesuits also had their invincible gauntlet option moved to the weapon choice interface, so captains can spot it better. and use it to hide wotan's fists



Next on the list, Vermillion Knight Himeko's leader skill got buffed, it now increases the team's fire damage by 33% on SSS rank when the team has 3 different types.



Lastly, Phoenix received a gameplay buff. If you remember reading about her "Double Dash" move that became doable in v3.3, it is now her feature.



In the version 3.3, you can do the Double Dash move by doing evade - B - evade - B in a very quick succession (refer to my v3.3 explanation guide).
Now, you only have to evade once and spam the B, she will do the Double Dash with ease.



And that's it for the v3.4 summary! I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it useful.

Captain Rinka here, signing out~








First, I credit MiHoYo for the ownership of Honkai Impact 3 and all of its resources that I use in this article.


I also want to thank the members of my armada, Axilia,  for providing me with support, and those who offered me their help, I really appreciate it!


Also, thanks to YouTube channels Just3c, Wyverein, Satellizer X, and Whize Rezhaenk for the helpful info and references that I used for the article.